The Howard Way, is for real ..

The Howard Way has been around for some 12 years. Started by the members as a tribute to American root music. As being grown in the traditional rock music genre the sound tends to be a bit rougher than the ordinary Americana. Now the love of this side project has turned to be in focus for the band, and most recently, to the recording of "Never Mind the Country".
20 apr 2010 15:00 Burmans Musik Umea
22 apr 2010 15:00 Burmans Musik Umea
05 maj 2010 20:00 Scharinska Villan Umea



.. New on Myspace - TIME - featuring Tony Björkenvall
from Willy Clay Band. Tony wrote this song a while ago and kindly let us do the original recording.
Also on My Space the single Runaway, taken from the forthcoming album Never Mind The Country. Runaway is written by the Australian band - The Dukes Of Windsor - and the Howard Way together with the team behind Tonteknik Recording where the album is recorded.

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Things said about The Howard Way:

"My favorite track is "Chantal Lane" - a great song, with great guitars and
vocals" -

"The standout track is the Swedish group The Howard Way, BRILLIANT!" -
Maverick Magazine

"I really love the song "Chantal Lane" on the Rockin' at the Barn
compilation. Its on the air from last Tuesday.." -
Mike Pernard - ISA Radio
- France

"..instead, the 5 piece (The Howard Way) enters the stage. Consisting of among others Thomas Hellgren and Pelle Henricsson playing innovative and full blasting alternative country. We're just enjoying, all of us in the ball room does. Professional with raw elegance. Simply really, really good. I hope to get more chances to hear them play!
Staffan Westfall VK 081117"

"They sound just like modern FM-country should sound like. It is all about a sonic picture as bright as the northern summer nights as well as a few sprinkles from the best 60’s pop.
The title track ’Runaway’ paves the way with a strike that lasts all the way. Here is experience, skilled musicians and a will to offer the epicure what the epicure wants."
Rune Häger/Rootsy

" ..., the result is a most pleasing country-rock which can be best described as tones in a direct line from the Eagles, before Joe Walsh and a few others took over after Bernie Leadon. Thus, the result is melodic and very warm music, freshly blended with a foundation of steelguitar, guitars and drums.
Torbjörn Berlin/

" ...Perhaps this is why it is of such high quality. This is something that has not been done under stress.
The duet ’Time’ with Tony Björkenvall of Willy Clay Band quickly becomes a favourite as well as the opening track ’Runaway.
Never Mind the Country’ is skillful workmanship and a fantastic car-record which grows by each listening.
Sara Lundvall/ VF

The Howard Way is a country-rockband from Umeå with a great deal of rock in their country without leaning towards the greasiness of heartaches and heartbreaks.
The precence of elegantly adorning pedal steel guitar does a lot for the whole picture. You just have to spread your wings and soar over the delta. It’s so neat!
Vocalist Thomas Hellgren has a shiver-evoking voice, drummer Pelle Henricsson, who has produced more music on an international level than any one else from Västerbotten, beats the skins and metal relaxed yet cuttingly. This I demand to hear live!
Staffan Vestfal, VK